Lock2Learn. Play Smart.

Let’s face it. While today’s mobile devices have tremendous potential to help children learn, most of the time our kids are using them for entertainment purposes- watching movies, following social media, visiting websites, and playing games. If you aren’t looking over your kids’ shoulders while they are using their devices, you can be confident their device use isn’t always productive.

With Lock2Learn, you can ensure that screen time is productive and balanced because the Lock2Learn app incorporates educational aspects into everyday device use. Lock2Learn engages your children to periodically answer age-appropriate questions from a variety of subjects, such as Math and English, in order to use their devices. The app also allows you to monitor device use and academic development with specialized reports, and even allows you to customize access to other apps on your devices.

Restricting device use is becoming more and more challenging in today’s world. With Lock2Learn, you can feel better about the time your kids spend on their devices because you can be confident that time will be more educational and productive.

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The More They Use, The More They Learn!

Lock2Learn is a new app that “locks” devices such as smart phones and tablets when they are in use by your children, at time intervals that you determine. Each time the device “locks”, the child will be asked to correctly answer a series of questions from a database that has been developed by teachers and is specific to your child’s grade level. Once your child answers a certain number of questions correctly, the device will “unlock” and the child will be able to access the apps that you want them to have access to. The program is always running on your family’s devices and can only be turned off with a password. In addition, you can log onto the Lock2Learn site and review information about your child’s performance on the questions or their activity on the device, including which apps they use and how long they are spending on various activities.

Lock2Learn allows you to customize your child’s experience based on your needs. You determine how frequently your child’s device will lock, how many questions the child needs to answer correctly before resuming device activities, which subject areas your child will be quizzed on, what grade level the questions will be based on, and even what apps your child will have access to.

As your child answers questions correctly, they will also receive points, allowing them to see how they stack up against others on the Lock2Learn leaderboard.

With Lock2Learn, you can ensure your children are using their devices to learn and not just for entertainment…even when you aren’t watching!

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