About The Team


Developed for parents, by parents

  • The idea for the Lock2Learn app originated when a group of friends were discussing the challenges they faced as parents.
  • Their concerns reflected those of most parents today. Their kids were spending more and more time on their mobile devices and that time was dedicated almost exclusively to games, socializing, and surfing the web. Restricting screen time was becoming increasingly more difficult as devices were becoming a bigger part of their kids’ lives and family time.
  • After quite a bit of discussion about the issues, the talk turned to solutions…but none of them could come up with any they were aware of that addressed all their concerns. Before long, they started developing a concept for an app that would encourage more productive and balanced screen time and allow them to feel better about the screen time they allowed their children. Next, the group agreed to look into the possibility of developing the mobile app.
  • The Lock2Learn app that started as little more than a conceptual solution for a small group of parents is now a tool available to parents everywhere. With Lock2Learn, all the concerns of the founding parents, and those of parents everywhere, are addressed through an affordable, easy-to-use app that can be integrated into your family with very little effort.
  • Lock2Learn addresses many of the concerns of today’s parents, and importantly, has been developed for parents, by parents.