How It Works


Easy to Set-Up and Easy to Use

When you download the Lock 2 Learn app, you will be able to install it on as many devices as you would like within your household. If your children have their own devices, you may just want to install it on those devices. If your family shares devices, you may want to include those as well.

The first time you access the app, you will go through a few installation steps that should take about five minutes to complete.

First, you will set up your account by entering your name, email information, and a password.

Next, you will complete a few steps in order to create each user profile.Create a user profile for each child in your family that you would like to use Lock2Learn. For each user profile you will enter the following information:

Create a user profile for each child in your family that you would like to utilize the app with. For each user profile you will make the following selections:

  • Child’s First Name
  • Child’s Last Name (this information will not be shared publicly).
  • Grade-level: Select the grade level you would like to be used for your child’s “unlock” questions. You can enter the child’s current grade level or another grade level if you would like to challenge your child or have them review information from previous grades
  • Note: All “unlock” questions used by the Lock 2 Learn software have been developed to correspond with the national standards for each available grade level
  • Account Status: Do you want the account to be “active” or “disabled”
  • Correct Answers To Unlock The Device: How many questions your child must correctly answer to unlock the device
  • Performance Report Frequency: How frequently you would like to receive updates on your child’s performance on “unlock” screens- daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Time Interval: How frequently you would like your child’s device to “lock”- every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.
  • Receive Account Reporting By: Select whether you would like updates to be delivered to you via SMS (text) or email (at the frequency you designated above)
  • Select Subjects: Select which subjects you want your child’s “unlock” questions to come from (Math, English, etc.)
  • Select Apps: Select the apps on your device that you would like your child to have access to once the unlock questions have been correctly answered. You may not want your child to have access to all available apps.
  • Picture (optional): You have the option of entering a picture to represent your child in the child’s profile

Step-by Step Installation Instructions

After this one-time set-up process, you are done!

Whenever your child is using one of your family’s devices from this point on, the child will use their user profile and the device will regularly “lock”, at the frequency you defined for that user profile. Your child will need to answer the questions before the screen will “unlock” and they will be able to return to their device activities such as games, web surfing, or streaming videos.