Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lock2Learn?

Lock2Learn is a mobile app available for download on the Google Play marketplace.

What do you do?

Lock2Learn makes screen time more productive and balanced for children by incorporating educational aspects into everyday device use.

Who is Lock2Learn for?

For parents who want to encourage healthy device use for their family. Rather than restrict or remove kids’ time on the tablet or smartphone, Lock2Learn creates productive and balanced screen time.

Who are your core users?

Parents with children in grades K-8.

What platforms currently support Lock2Learn?

Android. Stay in touch by sending an email to to learn more about the latest developments for iOS as well as other updates.

When were you founded? What is the company background?

Lock2Learn was founded in 2015 by Ryan Weldon with the support of several private investors. Lock2Learn was inspired by parents who wanted to ensure productive screen time for their kids and wanted to encourage them to “play smart”.

Where are you based?

The company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

I’m having trouble with my Lock2Learn app. What do I do?

Contact us via email at or by clicking on the “Contact Us” button on the website.

My child keeps getting the same questions over and over. Why is this?

If you find your child is getting the same questions repeatedly, go into the child’s profile and be sure you have purchased the full database. If you have not, your child’s questions are likely only coming from our free database of fifty questions per grade and subject area. Once you choose to upgrade a subject area, your child’s questions will come from a database of approximately 1,000 questions.

What if the questions my child is being asked are too difficult or too easy?

From time to time, you should expect your child to encounter problems that may prove too easy or too difficult. However, if you find this is a consistent issue, we suggest that you consider moving to the previous grade level (if questions are too difficult) or the next grade level (if questions are too easy). You know your child best, so Lock2Learn allows you to customize settings for your child. .

What if a call comes into the device while Lock2Learn is running or the screen is locked? And what if my child needs to make an emergency call or use the phone while the device is locked?

Your child’s safety is very important to us. While Lock2Learn is running, there is a highly-visible and easily-accessible button that allows the child to access the phone feature for casual or emergency use. When you first introduce your child to the Lock2Learn app, you should share this information with them and be sure they are comfortable with accessing the phone in emergency situations. Additionally, if a call were to come in, the child would be able to answer the call without issue.

How do you ensure the privacy of my family’s data?

We take your privacy very seriously. Our servers are encrypted and we will never share any data that you provide us with to any third parties without your permission.

What if I forget my password or want to reset it?

To reset your password, visit and click on the “Login” button on the upper right corner of the page. There, you will see the option to reset your password.

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